Vision Float Range

Vision Float Overview

2070W x 1100H x 2125L
2220W x 1100H x 2125L
2370W x 1100H x 2125L
Patent Pending No. 599485 on Vision Float.
Options Available:
• Float Frame only
• Headboard only
• NZ Rimu / Pacific Kauri / NZ Pine
• Solid or Flexi Slat
The Vision Float Collection is constructed with a mixture of Solid Wood and Premium Veneer.

Bedroom Furniture

3 Drawer Bedside
H560 x W560 x D430
DVD 1 Drawer Bedside
H560 x W625 x D430
9 Drawer Dresser
H870 x W1555 x D500
8 Drawer Tallboy
H1165 x W1030 x D480
7 Drawer Slimboy
H1355 x W635 x D480
Dresser Mirror
H1000 x W1000 x D35
Chevel Mirror
H1600 x W535 x D35
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